Woman Republic is an upcoming platform that mixes art, data and technology to tell beautiful stories. We use the most creative tools to visualize important data thereby making it easy to understand, beautiful, and impactful. We use all and any art forms: Film, Virtual Reality, Painting and Illustrations, Graphic design, Photography, Literary Arts, Dance, Music and whatever other art form you believe in.

Our first show, Dada meets Data, will focus on the Domestic Life of African Women. We combine art, data and technology to create a series of pop-up shows that will be open to the public in 2018. Check here for updates or go here to get involved.

the Team

Michelle Mboya


Michelle graduated from Yale University with a Double B.A. in Economics and Film & Media Studies. She's passionate about the truths and stories behind women’s lives and loves looking for new ways to tell these stories. She's worked as a producer in television and for multiple technology startups focusing on women such as Mogul and MumsVillage. Her first short film, The Camel's Back, has won several awards including Yale's best senior thesis award and best East African Short Film at the Mashiriki Film Festival. Michelle is also a Virtual Reality Programmer, excited about the new medium as a way to join film and data to tell impactful stories.

Ivy Nyayieka


Ivy is a Kenyan writer who graduated from Yale University with a Double B.A. in English and African Studies. She's passionate about chronicling the experiences of women in East Africa. Her work has appeared in various news outlets, including the Huffington Post, the Yale Daily News Magazine, Commonwealth writers and her personal blog Okasungora. She has written long features about Kenyan women in various sectors such as fashion, politics and the matatu sector. She has also worked for HarperCollins Publishers and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A list of her work can be found here: https://okasungorasaidwithswag.wordpress.com/about/


The Collective

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